Do you already have Amazon Prime for your love life?

Being single is a special challenge in the digital age.

For the swipe to the right, everything has to be right with Tinder, Bumble or Grindr: The photos should tell of an adventurous life, hard facts such as height and eating behavior should correspond to the fashionable zeitgeist and a crisp two-line should leak out that an eloquent person is behind this dating profile hides. Man becomes a commodity on the digital single marketplace. Wouldn’t it be more logical to order the dream date directly from the largest online mail order company Amazon?

A creative team around the artist Morgan Gruer and the animation studio Thinko wondered. They created Amazon Dating: a satirical platform that looks confusingly similar to the original website of the online shop. Instead of books, consumer electronics and vacuum cleaner bags, customers can order singles there. The platform presents its products in typical Amazon style: well lit, against a plain white background and photographed from all sides. Shipping? Included for Prime customers. Size? Freely selectable. Prices? Something for everyone.

The profile texts on the platform have perfected the screaming logic of online dating and are thus targeting Tinder clichés and pick-up slogans. For example, the 27-year-old Suzy.

She believes neither in God nor in capital letters, she writes in her profile.

You can add them to your shopping cart for $ 19.99, about € 18. With the 87-year-old teddy you can stay at home on a Saturday evening without a guilty conscience. And Grace recently had her “Love, Laugh, Love” tattoo removed. It can still be delivered today for $ 39.95, about € 36. The reviews speak for them: “Works the way you imagined it,” writes a satisfied customer. Grace is “the most powerful you can get for this price”.